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Why a Landominium in Villa Hills is a Dream Come True

Are you looking for a nice community to retire in? Have you been thinking about downsizing your current home? Are you interested in purchasing your first home but are not sure if you want an entire house? Look no further –

Toebben Construction has the perfect landominium in Northern Kentucky for you!

Landominiums offer the same ease and benefits as traditional condominiums, but you also own the parcel of land underneath your home, making them perfect homes for the new homeowners, retirees, or those looking to downsize.

A landominium is similar to a condominium, except that the homeowner owns both the house and the land. Landominiums are typically developed as single family homes in housing communities. Like condominiums, landominium communities provide many added amenities, such as parks, swimming pools, walking paths, or recreation facilities. A homeowners’ association is created for the community to provide landscaping, maintenance, and other services to the residents for a monthly fee.

Landominiums offer many benefits that make them ideal for residents looking for a more carefree lifestyle. Some of the benefits include:

  • No outside lawn maintenance – One of the biggest benefits of owning a landominium is that there is no outside maintenance or lawn mowing required. The homeowners’ association fees cover most of the maintenance fees. The minimal maintenance makes landominiums an ideal place for new homeowners or retirees.
  • Cheaper than buying a comparable home – While the cost of a landominium varies, they are still generally cheaper than a single-family home per square foot, especially in the more expensive neighborhood in Northern Kentucky.
  • Less work for the owner – Since landominiums are maintenance free, you do not ever have to worry about fixing things if they break in your home. Those problems can be fixed by your community’s maintenance personnel without ever having to lift a finger!
  • Own the home and the land – Differing from condominiums, landominiums allow you to purchase the home and the land. This gives you the freedom to create a backyard garden or to build a shed. But keep in mind; the homeowners’ association should approve any outdoor buildings or projects before beginning construction.
  • Sense of community – Landominiums are built closer together than most homes, so you have the chance to interact with your neighbors on a daily basis. Also, the amenities give you the opportunity to play a game of tennis or go for a swim with your neighbors, creating a sense of community.

Once you decide that a landominium is the ideal home for you, be sure to check out Squire Valley in Villa Hills, Kentucky. Squire Valley is a community of custom landominiums within Country Squire Estates. Squire Valley offers carefree and maintenance-free detached landominium homes, which are perfect for retirees, new homeowners or downsizing residents. The community has a clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts and walking trails available for the residents to use. With over 50 years of experience building custom residential homes in Country Squire Estates, you can rest easy knowing that Toebben Construction will build the perfect landominium for your every need and desire. Contact us today to start designing your dream landominium!