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Things To Consider When Hiring An Industrial Contractor2018-03-29T15:46:53-04:00

There are many things to consider when hiring an industrial contractor in Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati Ohio. You want to find a company with lots of experience and a good track record. Like most construction jobs, finding the lowest bid usually means you’re hiring incompetence or someone willing to cut corners. Price and staying within budget is important but finding the right contractor who will do a good job is even more important. Here are a few things to consider:

Job Safety

Your industrial building project is a hazardous environment. You want to make sure the industrial contractor you choose is equipped to handle the job and all that it entails. They not only should carry adequate insurance for their employees but they should ensure that sub-contractors on the job have adequate insurance as well. Quality industrial contractors, like Toebben Construction will be only too happy to provide you with copies of their certificates of insurance and where applicable bonding information. Safety training and compliance programs may also be available for review.

Obtain And Verify References

Obtain a list of references from all prospective contractors. This list should include a contact name, address and phone number of previous clients. Call the people on the list and ask what they liked or disliked about the industrial contractor. Ask them if they know of other jobs the contractor did to get a few unsolicited references. A good reference list will include similar projects like yours and some that are a few years old. This allows you to see how well the contractor is and how well the products they used hold up over time.

Meet Prospective Contractors

Once you have a list of potential contractors, call each one and visit the ones you like in person. If possible visit a job site that is under construction so you can get a feel for how the contractor works and takes care of the site itself. Besides providing you professional service, you need to feel comfortable working with the contractor. Your prospective contractor should communicate well with you and listen to your needs.

Written Contracts

Reputable industrial contractors will insist upon a written contract and written estimates. The written contract will explain the scope of the work to be performed as well as the items that will be used. It will outline time schedules and payment procedures as well. Having the total scope of the work enables you to compare and evaluate different bids you receive. A written contract protects both you and your contractor.

Things To Consider When Hiring An Industrial Contractor in Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Ohio

When it comes time to choose an industrial contractor, we hope you will consider Toebben Construction. We have been an area leader in quality construction of all types of industrial buildings and commercial real estate. We would love to sit down with you can take a look at your vision, blue prints and other design ideas. Please call Toebben Construction for a complete list of references and a copy of our insurance certificate. We look forward to hearing from you.