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Building Green2022-07-06T16:56:38-04:00

Current Projects by Toebben Builders

At Toebben Builders we are committed to building the most efficient and “greenest” home we can. Call it our small part in helping to preserve our precious resources for future generations. Click on the underlined items to learn more about that particular aspect of building green.

* R-38 Attic insulation
* R-15 Wall insulation
* Power humidifiers
* Energy Star Windows
* Renewable polymer carpets
* Ventilated attics
* Cellulose insulation
* Low VOC paints
* Foundation insulation
* Watersense toilets
* Rainwater harvesting
* Reclaimed timber
* Recycled glass counters
* High efficiency programmable water heaters
* Recycled dry wall
* Energy efficient lighting
* High efficiency heating and cooling systems
* Engineered floor trusses
* On demand hot water circulation
* Low flow faucets and shower fixtures
* Energy Star appliances
* Ecotimber flooring
* Green Seal cabinetry
* Indoor air filtering
* Duct seam sealants
* PVC composite decking
* Sustainable forest lumber

* Low impact development
* Preseving natural water corridors
* Riparian sediment traps
* Protected natural green belts
* Tree preservation and reforestation
* Wind power production
* Drought resistant landscaping
* Impervious pavement
* Rain gardens

*Installation of each item varies with home design.